What are the factors that affect medium frequency furnace steelmaking?


Common impurity elements in steel are P, S, H, N, O and so on. These elements play a harmful role in the performance of steel under normal circumstances, but some of them can also play a beneficial role under certain conditions and become specially added alloying elements.
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Ultrafine mill develops with the development of paper industry


"Papermaking" is one of the four great inventions in ancient China, which fully illustrates the wisdom and wisdom of the working people in ancient China. We all know that the earliest paper-making method was produced by wood processing, but with the development of the times and the continuous progress of science and technology, the paper we use now is rarely made of wood, but stone powder paper.
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Why are the parts of the mill easy to wear


In the previous introduction of mill knowledge, we have shared with you a lot of little knowledge about the mill, such as the maintenance and maintenance of the mill, the inspection and replacement of the vulnerable parts of the mill. Today I want to share with you why the mill parts are easy to wear, and users who do not know need to pay attention to it.
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Dust removal device of powder making machine is loved by users


With the rapid development of economy, people's living standards and requirements are constantly improving, the speed of urbanization is accelerating, the demand for building materials is increasing, and the quality requirements of building materials are getting higher and higher. This series of requirements can be traced back to the powder mill. Only the production capacity of the powder mill can meet the demand, our living environment and the quality of the living environment can be better, and the powder mill has a great responsibility.
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How to reduce the pollution of mill equipment to the industrial environment


The development of the times to the peak of industrialization, but in the rapid development of industry today, environmental protection is also advocated by the state and people. Industrial machinery and equipment is a high-power production equipment, but while consuming energy, it also plays a relatively negative role in our living environment, so how to reduce industrial pollution, how to make industrial pollution not affect our lives?
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